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Great Photography Resource

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Check out:

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A Long Time

If you take a look at the dates, you will see that I don’t post here often. This has not been intentional. As noted in the Early Autumn Musing gallery, I have been in very severe “shutter block”. Considerably frustrated, I did not want to write about it.

Well, I finally clicked the shutter a few times and my little friend here has been inspirational along with a photographer I met a while back who daily taunts (encourages) me on Facebook. She, of course, is not aware of this “encouragement”.

I have been thinking more and more about going into this in a much more serious way, but a path has yet to be seen. For now, I will fight the good fight against “shutter block” and my feelings that my work is, to my eye, clichéd. It’s autumn, the trees are brightening more and more each day as they begin to celebrate their past year and greet the quietness of their leafless, winter slumber.

Movement Along the Journey’s Path


Yes, there is some movement along the path of the creative journey. I have been thinking that I have not chronicled the journey very well on this blog but there is a thread throughout the whole site, if you can find it.

Most folks (are there any folks looking in?) will not follow the site that closely so I need to rethink this whole journey thing.

There has been over the years preceding my return to image making, a distinct reaction on my part to the images I was seeing from other photographers. Many had a very unnatural cast to them of which I was not fond. I have always had a very traditional eye and had worked within the limits of film and paper and processing to achieve a natural image. This is still true and evidenced by my excitement about Jon Olsen’s work.

My re immersion into image making has me reading MANY photo mags and looking at many web sites. I keep seeing more and more images that have a highly processed quality. Then, my sweetie, pointed out to me how much she liked these images. Aha!

Well, I have given it a shot. It is a new creative path. I kinda like it. I will continue to pursue “natural”, but… what excitement in these discoveries!

Getting Going

As I hinted in the about section, this visual site is hoped to be a companion to my words site, It won’t be a complete match but a somewhat mapping of me and my life and how I am living it.

It is also and primarily a place for me to share what I am doing with photography as I begin my journey into digital picture making. My point of reference is old and film based. This background is forming an interesting platform for me as I experience digital photography beyond the point and shoot phase associated with my little pocket camera, iPhone, and iPhoto.

These are all great tools and are most likely causing more images to be captured today than ever before. Their creative limits are a bit like those of the old brownie cameras vs. film SLR’s, though.

Remember these?












I remember using this camera as a kid to capture auto crash scenes that I had set up with little plastic cars. I heated them up a bit and then slammed them together to get a “realistic” tabletop image. Weird kid…

I am not sure where this blog will go topically but that is the fun of doing this.

Let’s see…