I took the first class of my entire photographic life a number of weeks ago. One of the challenges was to photograph real live models under studio lighting. This brought up tons of technical, emotional, and creative challenges.

The emotional came from my inherent shyness and reluctance to photograph people. It was exacerbated by the large number of folks in the class trying to get just the right angle on the models. At an even deeper level, I had trouble pointing the camera in a way that included the models breasts or other body parts. I enjoyed working close and connecting with them.

Technically, the class challenged me to do new things with my camera and this led to frustration at times. Then post processing the images in Lightroom 3 brought more challenges.

Creatively, the good news is that I got to see some of my classmates work and I was humbled. This was great, though, because it pushed me to be more creative and more self critical.

Here I am at the back (blue shirt and shiny head) and leaning backward… Confidence will come… I hope…

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