A Long Time

If you take a look at the dates, you will see that I don’t post here often. This has not been intentional. As noted in the Early Autumn Musing gallery, I have been in very severe “shutter block”. Considerably frustrated, I did not want to write about it.

Well, I finally clicked the shutter a few times and my little friend here has been inspirational along with a photographer I met a while back who daily taunts (encourages) me on Facebook. She, of course, is not aware of this “encouragement”.

I have been thinking more and more about going into this in a much more serious way, but a path has yet to be seen. For now, I will fight the good fight against “shutter block” and my feelings that my work is, to my eye, clichéd. It’s autumn, the trees are brightening more and more each day as they begin to celebrate their past year and greet the quietness of their leafless, winter slumber.

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