A Long Time

If you take a look at the dates, you will see that I don’t post here often. This has not been intentional. As noted in the Early Autumn Musing gallery, I have been in very severe “shutter block”. Considerably frustrated, I did not want to write about it.

Well, I finally clicked the shutter a few times and my little friend here has been inspirational along with a photographer I met a while back who daily taunts (encourages) me on Facebook. She, of course, is not aware of this “encouragement”.

I have been thinking more and more about going into this in a much more serious way, but a path has yet to be seen. For now, I will fight the good fight against “shutter block” and my feelings that my work is, to my eye, clich├ęd. It’s autumn, the trees are brightening more and more each day as they begin to celebrate their past year and greet the quietness of their leafless, winter slumber.

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